FAQ on granite countertops and marble products

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Granite really scratch-proof?

Granite is considered the second hardest natural material after diamond. In fact, it takes a diamond edge blade to cut through the slabs to make your countertop. In daily use of your kitchen, you will not scratch the surface. It is more likely that you will dull your knives. Additionally, granite will not chip or crack from a heavy impact blow outside of normal use conditions.

How often should I seal Granite?

For general maintenance, please refer to our Granite Cleaning and Maintenance page. However, once we install your granite, our installers will apply an initial layer of sealant. You should then repeat the process 12 and 24 months after this date. No further application is necessary. Quartz surfaces do not require any form of sealant after installation.

Can I select my individual slabs?

With Quartz surfaces, it is not necessary to select individual slabs, as the manufacturing process ensures all are uniform and consistent. However for granite and marble, not only is this advisable, but it is part of the pleasure of purchasing natural stone. Since granite and marble are entirely created by nature, each slab will contain its own unique characteristics. The advantage of choosing Granite Top, lies in our experience in choosing only the best quality slabs for our in-house inventory.

How can I get a quotation?

Although, we do not perform in-house consultations, we can easily provide you with a fast & free quotation if you collect a few simple measurements in your kitchen. Our staff will ask all the right questions to make sure we provide you with a very accurate estimate of your project. For further information call us at (253) 277-2399.

What is honed stone?

Most granite and marble has a highly polished surface. In some applications, a honed finish may be appealing. Honed stone has had the final stages of polishing removed, to achieve a textured & dull surface. However, customers should be aware that while it may be attractive honing certain granites will eliminate the patterns and colors on the surface, and makes cleaning slightly more difficult.

Can I use marble for my kitchen countertops?

Marble offers a very classical look, particularly for a more traditionally designed kitchen. Marble however, does not possess the durability and hardness of granite, and therefore is not the best choice for the kitchen. You can expect more seams in a marble kitchen countertop, and more susceptibility to damage. As long as the homeowner is aware of these possibilities, Granite Top will be happy to produce marble countertops for your kitchen.

What additional charges are involved with purchasing my countertops?

Granite Top only charges for the square footage used for your countertop, we do not require the customer to purchase the whole slabs used. On top of the basic square footage, there will be additional charges for cutouts, radius cuts, upgraded edges and any extra-ordinary charges such as existing countertop removal. All prices quoted include templating, raw material, fabrication and installation charges.  Granite Top does not provide any plumbing or carpentry services.