Top stories about kitchen countertop design

This Month’s Top Stories About Kitchen Countertop Design

By Tom | September 20, 2020

Quartz is naturally harder than granite or marble, making it one of the most durable countertop materials on the market and available to homeowners today. This month we are featuring the collection of quartz from MSI Stone. MSI quartz stones made from 93% quartz stone, plus quartz is naturally stain resistant and maintenance-free — never…

Top 5 Trending Quartz Colors | Granite Top, Inc.

Top 5 Trending Quartz Colors

By Tom | August 19, 2020

Quartz countertops are quite popular and for good reasons. Not only is quartz beautiful, but it also enhances your kitchen’s design and lends it an air of luxury. Also, quartz holds up well against wear and tear as it is scratch and heat-resistant. If properly maintained, it is also resistant to bacteria and grime. That…

how new countertops can help sell home faster

How new countertops can help sell my home faster in Seattle and Kent

By Tom | July 13, 2020

Granite, quartz and marble countertops in Seattle and Kent are mesmerizing addition to any home! If you are conversant with natural and engineered stone countertops, then you know how chic and elegant these three are. A few renovations and quality countertop upgrades can help your home sell faster, and for a desirable price. Countertop upgrade…

white kitchen

White Kitchen Countertops Are a Growing Trend

By Tom | June 2, 2020

White kitchen countertops are a growing trend. They create a welcoming feel in any kitchen while reflecting natural light throughout the room. There are plenty of options when it comes to white countertops. These include both granite and quartz options. Alaska White Granite Countertops Alaska White is a granite countertop option from Brazil. While mostly…

how to buy countertops during covid

How To Buy Countertops during Seattle’s Stay At Home Orders, and Why Now Is The Time

By Tom | May 13, 2020

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has impacted every sector of the economy and this includes the field of masonry. Every company takes the safety of its employees seriously. This makes it hard for those looking to buy new countertops to check out options in-person. With so many people spending extended periods of time at home, you…

3 countertop trends making their appearance in 2020

Kitchen Design Ideas for 2020

By Tom | March 3, 2020

Want to refresh your kitchen with a stylish look that’s on-trend? It’s easier than you may think. Here’s a glimpse at some top kitchen design ideas for 2020. Texture Kitchens with a warm look are popular: Wood cabinets paired with countertops made from natural materials are a stylish choice. You can create a textured appearance…

Why quartz is the right choice

Why Quartz is the Right Choice for Your Home’s Countertops

By Tom | February 3, 2020

Are you looking to upgrade your countertops? Whether you’re remodeling or you’re building your home from scratch, deciding on the best countertops for your needs can be a tough battle. But once you find the right countertops that are suited for you, you can experience these amazing countertops for many years to come. When browsing…

kitchen design ideas for 2020

3 Countertop Trends Making Their Appearance in 2020

By Tom | January 6, 2020

If you want to start off 2020 with a bang, why not begin the countertop remodeling project you’ve been putting off? We understand that starting a project of this size is intimidating, but there is no better time than right now! The hottest countertop trends of 2020 are making their presence known. Be sure to…

Conquer Your Kitchen Renovation with Granite and Quartz Countertops

Conquer Your Kitchen Renovation with Granite and Quartz Countertops

By Tom | December 5, 2019

If you are really looking to raise the value of your home and give your kitchen renovation the “wow” factor that it needs, selecting the right kitchen countertops are a must-do. Time to remove those old, dated countertops and replace them with a fresh granite countertop or quartz countertop. Let’s discuss the advantages of both options, so you can decide…

Top five trending granite colors | Kent WA granite countertops

Top 5 Trending Granite Colors

By Tom | November 4, 2019

Granite countertops are quite popular and for good reasons. Not only is granite beautiful, but it also enhances your kitchen’s design and lends it an air of luxury. Also, granite holds up well against wear and tear as it is scratch and heat-resistant. If properly sealed, it is also resistant to bacteria and grime. That…

Trending kitchen designs | Granite Top Inc. Seattle's best granite countertops

Trending Kitchen Designs

By Tom | October 7, 2019

Between preparing meals and hosting friends and family, most of us tend to spend lots of time in the kitchen. In essence, the kitchen has evolved into a focal point in many homes, as this is where families gather at the start or the end of a long day. This makes it necessary to keep…

what makes engineered stone so irresistible

The Allure of Engineered Stone Countertops

By Tom | June 25, 2019

A granite countertop has long been the go-to for Kent, WA residents looking to imbue their kitchens, bathrooms or other areas with a sense of luxury. Engineered stone countertops can lend you the same feel while providing a few additional benefits. Let’s explore what engineered stone countertops and what makes them an attractive option for…

Seattle granite countertop supplier

Why you should get granite countertop in your kitchen from Granite Top, Inc.

By Tom | June 5, 2019

If you are looking to update your kitchen, consider granite countertops. Granite countertops are one of the most beautiful, long-lasting, luxurious ways to refresh and update your kitchen’s look. Granite is an ideal choice for so many reasons. The Benefits of Granite Countertops Today, granite is the most popular choice for countertops, and for good…

where do granite slabs come from

From the Quarry to the Kitchen: Where Exotic Granite Come From

By Tom | May 20, 2019

We rarely think about where our kitchen or bathroom countertops come from, but did you realize your granite countertops actually come from nature? Yes, the great outdoors provides us with these gorgeous, durable, stylish pieces. What is Granite? Granite is an igneous rock which means it is formed when molten rock cools and solidifies. It’s…

Types of kitchen sinks and their use

Types of Kitchen Sinks and Their Use

By Tom | May 3, 2019

Considering a kitchen remodel? If so, you may be trying to determine which type of kitchen sink is right for your needs. There are plenty of options available, and while there’s no wrong choice, one of these may fit your style and kitchen layout better than others. Types of Kitchen Sinks Farmhouse style sinks: Farmhouse…