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For many home owners granite countertops remain the preferred choice for kitchen countertops. Unlike most other countertop surfaces, granite countertops are 100% natural, most durable, and available in over hundreds of colors covering virtually every design preference. It is easy to understand why granite has remained the top countertop choice over the years. It is one of the hardest materials on earth; it is durable, easy to maintain and is available in a wide array of colors and textures. From subtle white granites to dark black granites, and everything in between, there is natural granite to complement every design style.

Granite countertops offer sophistication and add that extra edge of quality in your kitchen. Choosing the perfect granite for your kitchen countertop is not that easy may require some research and understanding what goes well with different color options. for those who are seeking to upgrade their kitchen may need careful planning and budgeting if you want to get the most elegant one in the industry today.

Our top design experts prepared a few tips to keep in mind when shopping at your local granite kitchen designer stores.

Each Slab is Different

With many man-made countertops, you have to make your selection based on a small sample that may or may not accurately represent what will be delivered to your home. When you choose to install granite countertops, you have the freedom of previewing entire slabs of natural stone, and select the one you want in your home. Viewing the whole slab allows you to make an informed decision based on the innate color variations and veining, which may vary widely from slab to slab.

Request a Sample

The samples are a small piece of a full slab and will give you a visualization on the various patterns you can select from. Most local granite countertops stores will offer a sample wall for a quick look on the available options. This way you can bring it home and compare and contrast how well it looks with the rest of your kitchen cabinets and light fixtures.

Is the Lighting Enhancing Your Countertop?

In most homes lightning will change the way the natural color of your granite countertop. Home designers recommend that you bring a sample to your home. Carefully observe how the color changes over the course of the day. If the color becomes darker or even brighter, then you should consider choosing another one. Also, the size of the light fixture and the material of the light fixture can either enhance the look of your granite countertop. Choose wisely.

Research, research, research.

With vast information on the internet home owners should research before embarking on a kitchen project. Installation of granite countertops is often done as a part of a kitchen remodeling (or building a brand new home kitchen). It is important to research your granite countertops store’s selection when planning your project. Check if your choice of countertops will blend harmoniously with your cabinets, flooring, and light fixtures.

See our granite countertop colors and choices.

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