Kitchen remodeling ideas

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, you may be looking at trends that are expected to be popular in 2023. Looking to these trends may give you some ideas for remodeling your own kitchen. Read on to find out some of the kitchen remodeling trends that are expected to be popular in the upcoming year.

Colored Cabinets

One of the biggest trends that is appearing in kitchens is colored cabinets. Traditionally, very neutral cabinets, such as wood tones and white, have been prominent for cabinets. However, more homeowners are making a statement with colored cabinets, with green and blue cabinets being the most popular. You can select colored cabinets for your entire kitchen, or if you just want a slight pop of color, you can use colored cabinets only on your island.

Mixed Metals

Another trend that is expected to be popular in kitchen design in 2023 is mixed metals. Kitchen faucets, light fixtures, cabinet handles and drawer pulls have traditionally featured the same type or color of metal to make the space look cohesive. However, mixed metals was a big trend in bedroom and living room designs in 2022, and that trend is expected to carry over in the kitchen in 2023.

Stone Slab Backsplashes

Anyone who has a tile backsplash knows that cleaning the grout in between your tiles is a lot of hard work. That is why you may not be surprised to see slab backsplashes becoming more popular. Slab backsplashes are backsplashes that are made from one giant slab of granite or marble. As such, there is no grout to clean and care for, making these backsplashes easier to get and keep clean.

Hidden Electrical Outlets

The final trend that you may want to incorporate into your remodeled kitchen is hidden electrical outlets. Homeowners are starting to hide outlets in draws or cabinets, instead of making them so prominent. This can make your kitchen look cleaner and more refined, without having your outlets obvious.

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