Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | Granite Top inc

Everyone spends time in the bathroom each day, so you might as well enjoy that time! When you’re in the bathroom, the way it looks and functions can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the room. There are plenty of great bathroom remodeling ideas that are perfect for keeping your bathroom updated and full of value.

Geometric Tilework

Having tile in the bathroom is nothing new, but having a bold pattern is a great way to update the bathroom. Geometric patterns look ultra-modern, and they can be used anywhere that you place tile- the floors, walls, inside the shower, etc. Tile can come in virtually any color you want as well as various finishes. They can also be made from an array of materials. This allows you to get a tile that will create a unique look in your remodeled bathroom. Tile is beautiful, it’s functional, and it needs very little maintenance.

Statement Bathtubs

The bathtub usually isn’t the star of the bathroom… but it can be. A freestanding bathtub with a fun design is a way to make it a focal point. If you have the room, having columns on either side of the bathtub is also a showstopper. Stand-alone bathtubs come in various shapes, materials, and colors. There are so many great looks that you can get from one of these that you can get a tub that perfectly fits your new bathroom.

Seamless and Frameless Shower Doors

Shower doors don’t have to be made with frosted glass marked by thick seams anymore. There are many more options for doors today. Using clear glass is a big trend that has become entrenched in bathroom design. You can also get a door that is frameless so that the look of the shower isn’t broken up by metal seams anymore. Some showers today feature seamless doors that have an opening to walk through. These work better for larger showers. If you have a smaller shower, clear glass can often make it look bigger.

Modernize Your Bathroom

There are countless bathroom remodeling ideas that can help you make a bathroom you’ll love to be in. And with an upgrade bathroom, it could add value to your home.