How Quartz countertops are measured and installed

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in your home, and you’ll spend plenty of time there. Isn’t it better to enjoy your time there with stunning countertops? Stone countertops have never been more in demand, and quartz is certainly a favorite for its many great properties. Quartz countertops come with many advantages, including the many colors and patterns that are available. Because it’s engineered stone, it’s extremely durable, heat-resistant, and versatile. It comes in dozens of colors from bright white to deep gray so you’ll get just the spectacular look you want for your kitchen. In this blog post we will discuss about how countertops are measured and installed.

Measuring Your Quartz Countertop

You will first need an in-home consultation to start the process of getting the countertop. The consultant will show you various options as well as measure your countertop and space available. Once they have measured each part of the counters that will get the quartz, they can work up a quote for you. Once you know all of your options and can picture each of the colors and shapes in your kitchen, you can start looking forward to your new countertops.

A digital template is then made of your countertop so that we know exactly how much quartz you need, where the sink will be, etc. This template is an important part of making sure your countertop fits with precision. Today’s cutting-edge technology is used to make sure your quartz will look perfect.

Measuring countertops

Installing the Quartz

After the countertop order is made, your quartz slab is delivered to us, and we conduct quality checks on it. Then, the granite is photographed, and a digital image is used to place the template on. This shows where the slab will be cut. Then, the slab is run through machines that will cut and shape it. The slab is then taken to your home and installed by a highly experienced crew. Silicone is used to secure the slab and attach it to the cabinetry. If the cabinetry is uneven, shims may need to be added to it that will keep the countertop level. No one wants a wonky countertop, and we make sure that never happens.

Calacatta Ida quartz

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