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White kitchen countertops are a growing trend. They create a welcoming feel in any kitchen while reflecting natural light throughout the room. There are plenty of options when it comes to white countertops. These include both granite and quartz options.

Alaska White Granite Countertops

Alaska White is a granite countertop option from Brazil. While mostly white, this stone has specs of black and clear realistic pattern that provide the stone with natural color. The diversity of this white granite countertop allows us to blend in well with countless design features throughout the kitchen. When it comes to white granite countertops, this sure is one of the most popular options.

alaska white

Dallas White Granite Countertops

Dallas White granite comes from a bedroom quarry that is located in Brazil. What makes this white granite unique is that there is slight veining throughout the material. There is a consolidation of dark crystals that contrast beautifully with the white, adding to the character of this option. With a tight grain structure, this material also does not require a face resin. Despite this, periodic sealing is still recommended. This is another great choice for white countertops.

Dallas White Granite - Kitchen Countertop

Daydream Quartz Countertops

Those who are looking to invest in quartz counters also have a number of options to choose. Daydream Quartz is a natural stone that has a nice white, polished finish. It works great as a kitchen countertop, as it is both resistant to bacteria and incredibly durable. Customization options are also available for this quartz option.

day dream quartz


Bello Calacata Quartz

Those who are looking for something a bit different should consider Bello Calacata quartz. Inspired by its marble cousin, this is a deep, bold design that features warm tones as well as directional veins. Subtle hints of bold and brown add to the character of this quartz option, making it a great choice for kitchen countertops.

bello calacatta quartz

Crystal Quartz

A great choice for white kitchen countertops, Crystal quartz has a polished shade finish. A white material with flecks of darker shades throughout, this is a durable and versatile material that can be used throughout the kitchen. Crystal quartz is one of the most popular options for white kitchen counters, as they go well with nearly any interior design.

crystal quartz

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