Countertop trends 2020 | Kitchen design ideas for 2020

If you want to start off 2020 with a bang, why not begin the countertop remodeling project you’ve been putting off? We understand that starting a project of this size is intimidating, but there is no better time than right now! The hottest countertop trends of 2020 are making their presence known. Be sure to hop on them sooner than later. You’ll be happy that you did because you will have a new stone countertop that you will love for years to come!

Trend #1: Quartz Countertops are Outnumbering Granite Countertops

Quartz countertops aren’t new on the market this year, but they are significantly increasing in popularity when compared to granite countertops. You may be wondering why. Due to its composition, granite is an incredibly porous stone. This means it absorbs liquids, such as water, wine, oil, and other liquids that may get knocked onto your countertop. Additionally, granite countertops can stain easily and harbor bacteria. Fortunately, quartz countertops mimic the look of a granite countertop. They are a great option for busy families that have more than an occasional “uh oh” in the kitchen.

Trend #2: Veining Is Sought After In Stone Countertops

Our society is centered around individualism and uniqueness. Even countertops are starting to be enjoyed for their impressive, one-of-a-kind veining. Granite countertops are natural stone with subtle veining, depending on the color selected. Quartz countertops are engineered, so interesting patterns can be added into to truly create a look that aligns with your taste. You can then combine your veining style with the countertop edge of your choice.

Trend #3. Kitchen Sinks Add Style & Character In Countertops

Your countertop is more than just granite or quartz. Kitchen sinks are becoming a hot trend that add additional character and style to your kitchen. Oversized sinks are becoming increasingly popular along with matte hardware. With hundreds of combinations, you can easily compliment your new stone countertop.

Endless Stone Surface Options

Regardless of the direction you want to head to create your dream kitchen, 2020 is your year to take the first step. We are stone surface experts serving Kent, Seattle, and surrounding areas in Washington. Contact us today to get started!