How are granite tops made

One of the most popular options for kitchen counters, granite countertops are a common choice for homeowners. Of course, there is a long journey between the rock’s starting location and its endpoint on a kitchen counter. With this in mind, where exactly do granite counters come from and how are they made?

Starting in the Quarries

Granite is a naturally occurring substance and is found relatively close to the surface of the earth. First, the granite is cut out of shallow quarries. Of course, these rocks are far too large to transport. Therefore, small holes are cut into the granite to make room for explosives. These are then detonated and the block of granite is separated from the larger bedrock. After this, these blocks of granite travel from their starting destination to the United States. Much of the granite used here comes from other countries.

Polishing the Surface

After the granite has been cut into large slabs, it is time to polish the surface. This polishing brings out the naturally occurring colors in the granite and can reveal popular patterns that homeowners know and love. In order to make this happen, the slabs of granite are run through large polishing machines that remove the impurities and provide the granite with a smooth texture. The devices will bring out the shine in the stone, improving with every layer of polishing. Over time, finer and finer pads are used to provide that quality finish that everyone expects. Often, the slabs are left with the familiar rough edges on the sides. This polishing process is typically only done on the top of the granite.

Installation in the Kitchen

The polished granite is then taken to stores where homeowners select the type of countertop that they desire. The final installation process requires a technician to measure the home and make sure that the countertop is going to fit well. Then, a trained, professional craftsman will put on the finishing touches. All of the final details are added by hand and everyone checks to make sure that the counter fits perfectly.

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