installing kitchen granite countertops

There are many different types of countertops that homeowners can choose from; however, one of the most popular options is granite. Making a granite countertop is not easy and the installation process can be quite a challenge. Once the homeowner selects a style, what does it take to place the granite countertop in the home correctly?

Prepping the Kitchen

One of the first steps is to take a look at the kitchen to makes sure that the sizes are correct. Often, a trained technician will help by measuring the cabinets. Specialized tools are made that allow precise measurements which allow the installer to cut granite countertops that will fit perfectly. This prevents sizing errors that could cause the counters to fit improperly. In many cases, computer programs are even used to plan out the counters to the appropriate pattern and size. This is termed Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Cutting the Granite into the Desired Shapes

Once the measurements have been made, the next step is to cut the granite. Many businesses use water jets to and diamond blades to cut the granite in a precise way. This technology allows intricate cuts and even customized shapes to be formed. This ensures that the homeowner can tailor the granite counters to meet his or her needs. This even leads to better value for the homeowner without having to compromise on the quality of the final product.

The Final Installation Process

Once the granite counters have been cut into the proper shapes, trained professionals will go back and polish the counters by hand. This is where the individual details are examined and everything is perfected. The edges are cleaned up and the patterns are made to shine. After this, the installers will attach the granite to the counters. Holes are drilled to make room for the faucets and the cooking surfaces are made to mesh with the granite counters perfectly. Once the counters are in place, a check is performed to make sure that everything has been done correctly. Then, the counters are ready for use!