How You Can Properly Seal Granite Countertop

Although sealing your granite countertops is not a must, it can make them easier to clean and help protect them from damage. Without sealer, your granite countertops could end up with stains from spills or etch marks from harsh debris, for example. You can easily seal your countertops to keep them in great shape by following these steps.

Test the Surface and Gather Your Supplies

In order to work properly, the sealer must soak into the porous surface of the granite. To test this, you can pour a small amount of water on your countertop and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. If the water soaks into the stone, you can proceed with gathering your supplies. If not, then your countertops are already sealed and you should not apply more until they pass this test.

As for your supplies, you will need to acquire a high-quality carbon resin sealer for stone to use on your granite countertops. Also, make sure you have granite cleaner, dish soap, gloves, ventilator mask and a few lint-free rags.

Clean and Dry the Countertops

Before sealing, you must clean the countertops with a stone cleaner product, and then finish with a wipe down using dish soap and water. Wipe off all soap residue using a damp rag, making sure to get the edges as well. Dry the surface off completely and allow to sit undisturbed for 24 hours before you proceed.

Apply the Sealer in Several Coats

You will need to apply the granite sealer in two to three thin coats to fully protect the surface. Apply the sealer to the granite countertops using a rag while focusing on maintaining even coverage. Wait at least 20 minutes between coats to allow the sealer to soak into the surface as much as it can.

Thoroughly Wipe Down the Surface

After all coats have a chance to soak in, you will need to wipe off the excess with a damp rag. Thoroughly remove all sealer on the surface to prevent it from developing a hazy appearance. Allow to dry for 15 minutes and recheck to verify you removed all of the sealer before moving on.

Keep Dry for a Full Day to Fully Seal Granite Countertop

You will need to keep your granite countertops clean and dry to fully seal their surface. Once the sealer cures, liquid spilled on the surface will not soak in at all. You can repeat this process if you notice the sealant properties declining with time.

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