Introduction to quartz countertops

Considering new countertops for your kitchen? There are plenty of options out there, and one of the most popular is quartz. Quartz countertops are known for being a high-end material, one that is durable, needs no sealing, and has few imperfections.

All About Quartz Countertops

What quartz countertops are made of: Quartz countertops are also called engineered stone counters. Quartz countertops are typically made of about 93% stone and 7% polymer or cement-based substances. Quartz is just one of the many stone materials that make up that 93%. Other stones these countertops may include are granite, natural stones, and marble. These stones come from crushed stone that is left over from quarries or recycled materials. It is these stones that give quartz countertops their hardness and their non-porous quality. This hard stone stands up to the heavy demands of cooks.

Breton, an Italian company, began forming solid surfaces, like countertops, from quartz and resins. They patented the process. Today, many companies use Breton’s patented process to make their own quartz countertops.

Benefits and Features of Quartz Countertops

Aesthetics: One reason people love quartz countertops are because they look great. Quartz countertops have a natural luster. Similar to natural stone countertops, quartz has an almost three-dimensional appearance.

Hardness: Quartz is also extremely hard which makes it a good work surface. It’s perfect for those who do a lot of cooking. It is made up of minerals which make it very sturdy. They won’t scratch, chip, or burn.

Few Imperfections: Because granite slabs are a natural product, they will have imperfections. You will find that quartz has fewer imperfections because it is engineered. It also produces less waste and is less volatile when being installed. With quartz, the appearance is designed. You can get nearly color you want. Choose the hue that will match your style. Additionally, if desired, other materials, like stone and glass, can be incorporated into quartz countertops.

Cost: Similar to that of granite. Both can be costly, but both are a good investment. If you install a quartz countertop and later sell your home, you will find that the countertops are an investment you will recoup.

If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, quartz kitchen countertops are worth a look. They are durable, look great, and are a solid investment. If you have been thinking about granite, make sure to consider quartz countertops, too. Quartz countertops offer the same appearance, without the volatility when installed. You may save time and money by choosing quartz. Ready to discuss your kitchen redesign? Contact us at Granite Top, Inc. for a free estimate!