3 countertop trends making their appearance in 2020

Want to refresh your kitchen with a stylish look that’s on-trend? It’s easier than you may think. Here’s a glimpse at some top kitchen design ideas for 2020.


Kitchens with a warm look are popular: Wood cabinets paired with countertops made from natural materials are a stylish choice. You can create a textured appearance with wood floors, a matching backsplash and an island countertop made of cream-colored granite flecked with dark highlights. And do the metals in your kitchen need to match? For 2020, mixing things up is in style, which means your cupboard and drawer knobs, light fixtures and sink faucet can be different types and shades of metal altogether.


Items such as dinnerware racks with a vintage look are trending for 2020 — and are great for accessorizing kitchen countertops, such as those made of black and brown granite or natural stone in a lighter hue. You can beautifully display your favorite plates rather than tucking them away in a cupboard. Removable wallpaper is another way to liven up your kitchen and fearlessly install a backsplash with a bold pattern or design. It’s easy to experiment with peel-and-stick wallpaper (which can be effortlessly removed) and create a stylish backdrop to your kitchen countertops.

Touch of Drama

A granite countertop that features swirling patterns and rich color creates an eye-catching statement in your kitchen. Natural stone paired with walls painted a complementary color is in vogue for 2020. And don’t forget about your kitchen ceiling. It’s the perfect place to add a touch of color in a dramatic shade like burgundy or sky blue. Kitchen island stools painted a bright hue are also a great way to lend vibrant color to your space.

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