trending bathroom designs for homeowners

With work-from-home moving into a normal way of life, remodeling has become one of the top objectives for homeowners. The goal? Transforming spaces into multipurpose areas that promote quiet and tranquility. Spa-like bathrooms are becoming one of the go-to trends on the market because after working at home all day, you need a place that looks and feels different.

There are other trends on the market that also capitalize on style, material, and preference that may catch your eye. Let’s take a look:

Wet rooms

Wet rooms are growing in popularity, along with freestanding tubs in the shower. Most people wonder what a wet room is but consider it a large shower that has a drain in the middle and the bathtub is in there as well. There is a door in lieu of shower curtains and they are usually glass-enclosed.


Marble is making a huge comeback in the bathroom. From dramatic black marble to clean and spacious white with gray veining, the luxurious look and feel of marble make spending time in the bathroom worthwhile.


The industrial look has been popular in the last few years, but new trends add a sophisticated feel and tone. If you’re looking for a loft-inspired aesthetic, this is the way to go.

Greenery and biophilia

There’s something very rejuvenating about being connected to nature, and the bathroom is no exception. With so many people having to stay indoors during the pandemic and now working at home, the need to bring the outdoors in resonates in every area of the home. Lots of greenery paired with beautiful tiles create a calm, serene space.

Extra-thick countertops

People looking to upgrade their bathrooms for a high-end look can achieve that with this aesthetic. These slabs are about three to six inches thicker than standard countertops and are usually done with beautiful, veined marble or a similar material.

Tiles with wood effects

Wood seems to never go out of style. From wood floors and walls to wood-like tiles in the bathrooms, this trend continues to live on. One of the upsides of having these tiles in the bathroom is their ability to adapt to the other accessories. Natural materials and the use of warm tones add to a spa-like scenery that’s easy to maintain.

Whatever trend you choose, the team at Granite Top, Inc. has exactly what you need. Contact us for a free consultation today!