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Between preparing meals and hosting friends and family, most of us tend to spend lots of time in the kitchen. In essence, the kitchen has evolved into a focal point in many homes, as this is where families gather at the start or the end of a long day. This makes it necessary to keep the kitchen functional, stylish, and updated. Technological advances and the changing times have contributed to today’s trending kitchen designs which include:

1. Dark-colored cabinets

Although the white kitchen continues to be timeless, 2019 saw most homeowners redesign their kitchen cabinets to include natural wood, grays, and two-tone designs. Colors are now being used to set the tone and the atmosphere in the kitchen. It’s not unusual dark-toned walls and cabinets which broken up by colorful utensils displayed on open shelves.

2. Smart kitchens

Just like the rest of the room, kitchen appliances have also changed dramatically. People no longer buy and match the typical stainless steel appliances. People are now getting creative by buying appliances with a pop of color and mismatching them.

Today, you can sync most of the kitchen appliances through a wireless Bluetooth device. Also, knobs on appliances such as burners are getting replaced by swipe and finger touch controls.

3. Seamless kitchen spaces

In 2019, we’ve seen more kitchens move towards being streamlined and clean while not compromising on the warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is achieved through the inclusion of built-in appliances and concealed storage spaces. Concealed pantries and handleless cupboards are also effective ways of achieving a clean and neat kitchen space.

4. Kitchen islands

Including a kitchen island in your kitchen space is no longer an afterthought. They have become the hub of every kitchen as this is not only where meals are prepared but also a place where the family gathers. With the reduction in cabinet space, it makes sense to have a kitchen island.

5. The backsplash feature

Backsplashes are no longer a block of tiles above the kitchen counter or above the kitchen sink. Today, the backsplash extends to the ceiling. These add visual interest and texture in any kitchen.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, these are some of the trends you should check out for inspiration. However, remember that the primary reason for any kitchen remodel project is to enhance its functionality.