why everyone is obsessed with kitchen designs

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in 2022, then you may want to consider some of the trends for this year. Since kitchens are one of the most used rooms in your home, taking care to update your kitchen with stylish but durable materials is important. Many people use their kitchens for casual entertaining, especially when family is staying with them.

Custom Cabinetry in Rich Colors

While white kitchens have been popular in the past, in 2022 richly colored cabinetry is being used in combination with neutral tones in the rest of the kitchen decor. Colors being used for cabinets are warm and welcoming like deep blues, greens, and reds. If you prefer more neutral kitchen cabinets, you can opt for just adding color to your butler’s pantry. Check out our free online kitchen designer tool here.

Adding a New Texture

If you don’t want to add color to your kitchen decor, you can create interest by adding texture instead. This can be on your cabinets by using different woods, or you can make a statement with your countertops. Granite or quartz countertops can add depth and color while providing a practical and long-lasting surface to work on. One trend is adding custom cabinets without exterior hardware, which then focuses more attention on beautiful stone countertops.

Induction Ovens

One of the biggest trends in new kitchens is replacing your stovetop with a new induction range. Designers are adding induction ovens to new home designs, giving homeowners the hottest thing in cooking. Induction cooking is safer than traditional cooking and has a lower carbon footprint. It is a more expensive option that requires new pots and pans, but if your budget is generous, you may want to join this trend.

Tiled Details

Tile seems to go in and out of style in kitchens periodically, and this year tile is being used for kitchen details and practicality. Tile is made to be durable, easy to clean, and interesting in kitchens, but have you thought about using it for your window jam or other strategic areas? Tile works well in rooms that need protection from moisture, and there are so many unique styles that you are sure to find one that enhances your kitchen design.

Interesting Accents

Another trend for 2022, is adding unique accents to your kitchen decor. Possibilities include small appliance styles and colors, designer dishware, new kitchen towels, or adding interior back wall designs in cabinets with glass see-through doors. These types of details stand out more in a neutral kitchen, and you can improve the function of your space at the same time. When everything is purchased with kitchen design in mind, you can completely change the look down to the fine details.

Whatever trend you choose, the team at Granite Top, Inc. has exactly what you need. Contact us for a free consultation today!