how new countertops can help sell home faster

Granite, quartz and marble countertops in Seattle and Kent are mesmerizing addition to any home! If you are conversant with natural and engineered stone countertops, then you know how chic and elegant these three are. A few renovations and quality countertop upgrades can help your home sell faster, and for a desirable price.

Countertop upgrade projects will impact the resell value of your home and will decide how fast it sells. In this post we’ll answer the question how new countertops can help sell my home? and we will give you tips on how to increase the value of your home by investing in high quality kitchen countertops.

What’s special about marble, granite and quartz that will make new countertops help sell my house?

There is a reason why Seattle and Kent homeowners insist on marble, granite and quartz countertops. Quality in countertops involves ease of maintenance, availability of vibrant colors, durability and uniqueness of an individual slab.

Home buyers are usually looking for a that charming kitchen with sophistication and classiness in countertop. The versatility, beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance of a material are what makes it a candidate in making quality countertops to help your home sell faster.

Creating feature wall

Can I create a feature wall using my left over countertops, and can this make new countertops help sell my house? The answer is yes!

Creating a feature wall using leftover Seattle and Kent countertops will bring about a dramatic statement in any room. You can use the thin slabs and affix them vertically onto a wall to create a contemporary and luxurious look. One of the features of quartz countertops is the availability of vibrant colors of a material, so you will have a good selection to pick a perfect match for your home decor.

Some fabricators will add lighting effects to your feature walls for that wow factor. The accent wall can also be used to make an indoor water feature, where you have water splashing down the vertical slabs with added colorful lighting effects. We use this to answer the question ‘if new countertops help sell my house faster’ to homeowners who loves a little bit of fancy.

What colors of new countertops help sell may house faster?

Almost every new kitchen trend in 2020 is centered on color of the countertops. Gone are the days where bold black or golden accents were the main events in all quality kitchen countertops. In their place, most fabricators recommend a more soothing oasis of colors for quality kitchen countertops.

Colors such as soft blues and hues of grey, ash, beige or and a few shades of white are the most preferred. Elegant, neutral colored quality kitchen countertops or kitchen islands will complement bold colors or patterns on mosaic backsplashes and walls.

Neutral colored also blend in nicely with the modern styles of having natural lighting in kitchens. Sellers should focus on quality countertops with neutral colors so that they can integrate with any lighting.

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